Avastar is a music band created in 2007.
This website showcases the released music and provides news about the band.

Avastar band is a one-man music initiative created by Chris Nickel, composer, author, performer and self-produced. Born in the 3 borders region (F/B/L), French side, he made his first scales on the piano at the age of 8, and through the years built a large set of skills in music writing, sound design and computer assisted production.
As a teenage he shifted naturally from classical piano scores to impro and moved to other types of electronic keyboards and instruments (drums, guitar).
The first pieces of his musical puzzle were mainstream faces like Elton John, Queen, Depeche Mode, Bowie, Goldman, M.Jackson. He joined a local choir taking care of the arrangements and keyboards performance at regular shows, giving him the chance to acquire is first serious synth (GEM S2) and the first opportunity to record a CD in a professional studio. Since years then his interest for new forms of music was growing, particularly synth works from JM Jarre or Vangelis, and grew again when he discovered the world of sound synthesis and computer assisted music production. The next step on this track to composition took place in Canada where he started writing lyrics and songs, and in London UK, where he entered the fascinating clubbing scene, getting to discover major electronic artists such as the Chemical Brothers, Jeff Mills, Carl Cox, Laurent Garnier or Sven Vath. At this time he founded a band called Produx, with 2 former high-school friends.
Their diverse influences going from metal to electro gave birth to an inspired trip-hop sophisticated sound. It gave Chris Nickel the opportunity to perform for the first time on a rock scene in Nancy (France) and raise an award at the regional band contest for Produx works. Going deeper in the sound design discipline,
the idea of a sound-focused electropop songs solo project was growing in his mind. So was born Avastar.