Apr 222015

After quite some time Avastar is finally back on the front line with a new single called “Before I die”. This theme was inspired by a very interesting artistical initiative advertised under “”. Indeed “Before I die” walls have been so popular over the last years that it got spread in almost every country of the planet. One of them is located in the city of Trujillo, north Peru where the official video clip was shot. The clip shows how people write down their feelings on such walls, and how the fears and hopes of populations express through dance and music in processions, folklore and traditional religious celebrations.

The track is available on Spotify, Google play store, iTunes and other platforms.

The video can be seen on Avastar’s Youtube channel :


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Nov 032014

I’m one of those Ableton Push users who was looking for a way to extend the capabilites of this great piece of device that still suffers from some limitations.

PXT Live, a script developed by Native kontrol adds a lot of new possibilites to enjoy the Push. As it took me a lot of efforts to learn how to use it, espcially to memorize its numerous functions, I decided to draft a one-page guide. Of course it’s a simplification, but it helps having everything at hand for the most common operations. This memo can be download here: PXT LIVE MEMO

I should also draft another one for PXT Live plus soon.

Don’t hesitate suggesting any interesting function I would have missed, or correct any mistake.


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Oct 312014

If you’re looking for the greatest alternative electro pop band of the year don’t look any further. CHVRCHES has it all. Great female singer Loreen besides her pretty face and genuine musical talent (she’s not only singing but also composing) will cast a spell on you with her angel thin yet powerful voice. The songs – all potential hits – well written melodies and up-rising choruses will go straight to your soul no matter what you think of synthetizer-based music. The arrangements of Doherty and Cook made of savvy analogue synths tweaking are just breathtaking. I discovered them in Barcelona’s Apollo fancy venue in Paralel where the crowd there was totally devoted to the band and Lauren’s performance. I was amazed and since then never stop listening to this brilliant Album “The bones of what you believe” unfortunately the only one up to now. We look forward for the next release. In the meanwhile let’s follow their world tour which stops tonight in Paris (La halle de la Villette) as part of the Pitchfork Festival. The concert is broadcast live in streaming on

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Jul 282013

Avastar is happy to show you this fruitful collaboration with graphic artists Chairmansaw and Reiko Kasei for an original instrumental soundtrack called “Foolish gamez”.

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Apr 102013

Attention son 100% agrée Avastar! Gros coup de cœur pour ce groupe que je ne connaissais pas et en particulier pour cet album de 2010; mieux vaut tard que jamais. Ces 12 titres synth-pop aux mélodies racoleuses et aux rythmes efficaces sont pour moi la découverte la plus réjouissante de cette année. Les arrangements electro ne sont pas d’une grande originalité mais les mélodies et les textes juste bien trouvés et les voix parfaitement travaillées. Le titre phare “Phoenix alive” ne me lâche plus, je partage avec vous le clip lui aussi très agréable à regarder ainsi que la version acoustique live où on voit les 2 membres du groupe cachés sous leur masque de robot.
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Dec 102012

FR – La DJ québecoise revient en 2012 avec un album beaucoup plus positif que le précédent (I’m no human – 2009). Bien qu’issue d’un album qui s’intitule “beaucoup de nuances de gris”, la vidéo du premier extrait est tout en couleur et la miss apparait en executive woman en tailleur blanc. La chanson “The right time” très pop sera surement éfficace en radio edit, contrastant avec le ton alternatif du précédent opus. “It’s the right time” sur YouTube.
Pour vous rafraichir la mémoire, l’excellente reprise du titre Leonard Cohen qui figurait dans l’album “I’m no human”, que j’aime particulièrement : Misstress Barbara – “Dance me to the end of love”

EN – The DJ from Quebec comes back in 2012 with a much more positive album than the preceding one “I’m no human” in 2009. Although taken from an album entitled “Many shades of grey”, the videoclip of the first single is highly colourful and the miss appear dressed in white suite like an executive woman. The track “The right time” is definitely a pop song which should be efficient in radio edit, contrasting with the alternative tone of the previous work. “It’s the right time” on YouTube.
For refreshing your memory, here is the excellent cover of a song by Leonard Cohen, that was release in the album “I’m no human” which i like particularly: Misstress Barbara – “Dance me to the end of love”

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Nov 292012

FR – Très bon titre de John Lord Fonda sur l’album “Supersonique” Le dijonnais du label Citizen Records fait actuellement la première partie de la tournée de VITALIC (vu à la Rockhal, Esch/Alzette, Luxembourg en Septembre 2012).

EN – Very good track from John Lord Fonda, from the album “Supersonique”. The guy from Dijon, France, signed on the Citizen Records label is now on tour with VITALIC (performance seen at the Rockhal, Esch/Alzette, Luxembourg in September 2012 )

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Oct 242012

Pour la sortie de son nouvel album “Out of the black”, le hambourgeois Boyz Noise nous livre un single très intéressant, et une vidéo tout aussi captivante.
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Interview à découvrir dans le magazine l’Essentiel: Interview de Boyz Noise

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