Mar 222012

Flava’ – by Avastar (2011)

— From Europa to China

From Russia to America

i can’t find my flava’

i still can’t find my flava’

From the favellas of Manila

To the clubs of Ibiza

I’ve been looking for my flava’

Been chasing in South Africa

Been cruising on the Nile river

But I did’nt find my flava’

I’ve known my types of chicas

Their mother and their sister

but i still can’t find my flava

i can’t find my flava

— Some younger some thinner

Some more Taylor than Schiffer

But none is of my flava’

I’ve been around the globe and stilli

Don’t know if I will ever meet her

Will I ever find my flava’

— I’ve been dating in Moscow

She was so pretty and so clever

But I had to drop her

Cos I was no so sure

I’ve been dating in Tokyo

She was so mild and tender

But I had to leave her

Cos it was not so fancy

Think she was not my flava

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