Mar 222012

My Child – by Avastar

Little boy Great joy
Can’t get enough to enjoy
Makes me feel guilty leaving home

Little eyes Open wide
Welcome to the wild
Making my day Making my pride

Since you came into my life
Nothing remained the same
Seems my whole past has been empty and vain

From one day to the next
I didn’t expect
So much love and happiness

No i’ve never been a dad, my child
My Child

Noone ever taught me
how to handle
Such a fragile nature
Such a tiny creature
Baby forgive me

Your love is the purest of all times
Being with you is like singing perfect rhymes
You came into my life, my child

Your smile is a miracle a gift of gods
You crossed the world and fell into my arms
You gave up your life to give me this child

No i’ve never been a dad, my child
My Child

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