Oct 312014

If you’re looking for the greatest alternative electro pop band of the year don’t look any further. CHVRCHES has it all. Great female singer Loreen besides her pretty face and genuine musical talent (she’s not only singing but also composing) will cast a spell on you with her angel thin yet powerful voice. The songs – all potential hits – well written melodies and up-rising choruses will go straight to your soul no matter what you think of synthetizer-based music. The arrangements of Doherty and Cook made of savvy analogue synths tweaking are just breathtaking. I discovered them in Barcelona’s Apollo fancy venue in Paralel where the crowd there was totally devoted to the band and Lauren’s performance. I was amazed and since then never stop listening to this brilliant Album “The bones of what you believe” unfortunately the only one up to now. We look forward for the next release. In the meanwhile let’s follow their world tour which stops tonight in Paris (La halle de la Villette) as part of the Pitchfork Festival. The concert is broadcast live in streaming on http://pitchforkmusicfestival.fr/

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